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Sectional Garage Door or Roller Garage Door – What’s the Difference?

At Wolverine Garage Doors, we supply, install and maintain all types of garage doors. Identifying the pros and cons of each is second nature to us, but when you’re in the early stages of researching a garage door, it can be confusing to identify which one suits your needs the best.

This is especially true when looking at garage doors that appear very similar, such as roller doors and sectional doors. On the surface they appear to be largely the same, but actually there are some key differences between them that may make them better suited in certain situations.


In terms of operation, most people will find both sectional and roller garage doors very familiar to use. They both open vertically and do not take up unnecessary space in front of the garage, meaning they are both ideal if you park your car on your drive.

On the inside of the garage however, a roller garage door typically rolls back into a unit fitted at the top of the garage door. This is because they are made from individual slats that lock together to form a curtain, allowing them to roll up neatly.

A sectional door is also made of multiple panels, but they are connected together to form one consistent sheet. This means that the door opens vertically and slides along rails across the ceiling of the garage when fully opened. This means that a sectional garage door often requires more headroom, so if there are any obstructions here you may want to opt for a roller door.

A roller door can also be fitted either inside or outside of the garage aperture.


Ensuring you like the look of your garage door and that it fits with the overall aesthetic of your house is one of the most important aspects. Roller garage doors often all boast a very similar aesthetic, but are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Sectional garage doors also come in a wide range of colours, however they also have much more variety when it comes to panel styles, including wood finishes, windows and more. If you’re looking for one of these features or something more visually stimulating than a normal roller door, a sectional door could be the right choice.


Whichever garage door type you choose, it’s vital that it is secure to both deter criminals and offer you peace of mind. Both roller garage doors and sectional garage doors have no visible points of entry like a handle or lock, instantly deterring opportunistic criminals looking to get in quickly.

Roller doors can be either single or double skinned, with double skinned doors offering much more stability and a higher level of security. Sectional doors can also be double skinned, but the single skinned variant is still a highly secure option.

Generally speaking, if security is a concern, you’ll want to opt for a double-skinned variant. At Wolverine Garage Doors we only supply and install garage doors from highly reputable manufacturers such as Garador or Hormann, which boast multiple locking systems.

Further to this, both roller garage doors and sectional garage doors can be automated. This not only improves usability, but it further reduces the need for visible points of entry


Roller garage doors usually have a maxim width of 5.2 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres. Sectional garage doors can be manufactured to a width of 8 metres wide, meaning they are often more suitable for double garage doors.

Either way, both roller and sectional doors can be made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

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If your garage door won’t open or close or has become very difficult to operate, we can help. As well as supplying and fitting garage doors, we also maintain and repair them even if we were not the original fitters.

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Fitted new roller garage door and removed old one. Very friendly, helpful service and at a very good price. Would recommend.
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