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Roller Garage Doors

Our Range of Roller Garage Doors

At Wolverine Garage Doors, we supply a wide range of roller garage doors to suit your needs, both commercial and domestic.

Roller garage doors have increased in popularity due to the several benefits they have over different door types, such as:


Neat presentation with a variety of colours


Compact mechanisms with vertical operation, saving plenty of garage floor and ceiling space


 Smoothly rises up into a roll at the push of a button, allowing you to drive right up to the garage opening. There is no swing out to avoid unlike more traditional garage doors.


The lack of handles or obvious entry points increases security and deters criminals


Built-in internal courtesy light illuminates the inside of your garage when activated


Helps block cold draughts and protects your belongings.

We only work with leading roller garage door suppliers, who offer unparalleled quality and great warranties for peace of mind. With years of experience fitting doors from these manufacturers, we know we can provide a high-quality service that meets and exceeds your expectations.


Thermaroll is one of the most popular suppliers of roller garage doors, and with good reason. They don’t compromise on quality and offer a 5 year warranty as standard, with abundance of intuitive design features.

     Remote control operation and alarm as standard (supplied with two key fobs)

     Sophisticated but simple to use

     A wide range of factory finished colours and foil wood effects

     Colour matched garage guides and roll box

     Insulated foam filled slats, to protect your belongings from cold draughts, and bottom weather seal that compresses against the floor to help keep out debris

     Lined guide tracks that fit behind the garage opening, adding additional width

     Vertical travel, as opposed to doors that swing outwards, meaning increased driveway space and internal storage space

     Independently tested to the Police preferred Specification Secured by Design standard. No visible lto pick makes the door a great deterrent to intruders

Available Colours

Thermaroll garage doors are available in a wide range of factory painted colours, and are durable and easy to maintain. White is generally the most popular colour, along with black, pale green and anthracite. The wood effect finishes of golden oak and rosewood are a close match for upvc doors and windows. 


Warm Protection roller garage doors are also a popular and respected supplier. They boast many of the same features as Thermaroll, as well as additional extras such as vision slats, wireless keypads, and laminate wood effect finishes.

     Somfy Rollixo Remote Control Unit with wireless optical safety edge complete with 5 year warranty

     Full tested and approved safety brakes

     Somfy built-in alarm function with 105 decibel sounder, activated if the garage is forcibly opened

     Easy to operate rob with up to 4 channels (2 fobs supplied as standard)

     Prolack thick double painted roll-formed Heroal profiles with final lacquer finish for extra durability

     Thick reinforced polyamide locking system with fibreglass reinforced plate

Available Colours

Warm Protection roller garage doors come in a wide range of colours as well as well as laminate wood colours, allowing you to match your door to your UVPC windows. 

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